Flued Heaters

Flued Gas Heaters

If you’re interested in heating a specific area of your home, flued gas heaters might be the answer you’re looking for. At The Energy People, our licensed gas fitters are fully capable of supplying and installing a flued heater in Canberra for your home. We have a range of flued gas heaters available to suit your needs, including options in varying sizes that boast different heating capacities. These are installed onto an internal or external wall with a flueing system, which ensures that there are no indoor emissions.

The Benefits of Flued Gas Heaters

There’s no shortage of reasons why a flued heater in Canberra is a fantastic choice for your home. They boast excellent features, including safety switches and thermostatic temperature control.

Flued gas heaters are available in either radiant or convection heaters and can heat a range of room sizes. Depending on your needs, these systems can be installed in large living areas or in smaller sized rooms such as bedrooms. With a number of different flueing options available, units can be installed in a variety of different locations and situations within your home.

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