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Whether you want to clean the dishes or wash your clothes, every household requires a functioning hot water system. At The Energy People, we’re a leading supplier of energy efficient Rinnai hot water solutions for residential properties throughout Canberra. Our specialists can install a Rinnai electric, gas or solar water heaters that is perfect for medium to larger sized households requiring hot water for various applications.

At The Energy People we are also leading suppliers of Rinnai gas log fires, flued space heaters and split system air conditioning. Rinnai’s innovative technology provides it’s models with superior energy efficiency and control. 

With The Energy People and Rinnai on your side, upgrading your hot water systems and heating and cooling has never been easier. We can supply and install any Rinnai products in your home in Canberra. 

Rinnai Makes and Models

The Energy People has a wide selection of Rinnai products available. These systems are perfect for making your home energy efficient, cost effective and as comfortable as possible. 

Explore Rinnai hot water and heating and cooling solutions, and maximise the years of reliable home comfort.


Rinnai Split System


Rinnai Evacuated Tube Solar Systems


Rinnai Infinity – Continuous Flow Hot Water


Rinnai Hotflo – Gas Storage Hot Water


Rinnai Hotflo – Electric Storage Systems


Rinnai Gas Fires


Rinnai Linear Series


Rinnai Flued Space Heaters

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You can save even more when you buy a heat pump in Canberra – just ask us about Small Scale Technology Certificates.

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