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The Energy People installs, services, maintains, and repairs products we stock in the Canberra region. Book a time for these services below.

Hot Water

No hot water? Our 24/7 emergency service is available, just call 02 6280 0994.

Hot Water Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to hot water and solar hot water system repair in Canberra, the technicians from The Energy People have you covered. We not only supply and install hot water systems, we also offer maintenance and repairs. You can rely on our highly-trained and experienced team of tradesmen for prompt and reliable hot water repair.

If your system can not be repaired, we can quote and install it in most cases within 24 hours.

Gas Heater Servicing

We offer an annual service for all gas heaters and gas log fires, please call us on 02 6280 0994 to arrange for a heater service before winter arrives, or book a service via the form below.

Need an electrician?

We offer a broad range of electrical services including installation of electrical outlets, power points, repair of faulty wiring, electrical surge protection, light fixtures, and safety switches to name just a few.

We will even offer helpful tips to prevent future problems.

Installation Services

Access the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home. The Energy People has a team of qualified technicians to safely install air conditioning, heater, and water heaters in Canberra without causing disruptions.

When you purchase a product from us, our people will install it for you – and quote based on your needs so there are no surprise installation costs. From air conditioning installation to water heater installation and more, The Energy People can install a range of cooling and heating appliances, including:

  • Hot water heaters, including ones that are natural gas, electric, and solar powered
  • Gas heating, including portable gas heaters, flued heaters, ducted natural gas heating, and natural gas log fires
  • Cooling systems, including add-on cooling, ducted evaporative cooling, and ducted air conditioning
  • Ducted and split reverse cycle heating and cooling systems
  • Our products are available in a variety of makes and models that are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Work Guarantee

We provide a warranty on all our work:

  • Electrical and appliance installations – 12 months
  • Gas service and repairs – 3 months
  • Manufacturer warranty applies to all supplied parts and products
  • Air conditioning, heater, and water heater installation in Canberra


What maintenance is required for solar systems

Solar systems, including solar hot water systems and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, require regular maintenance to ensure they work at their top capacity since dirt, dust and other waste can accumulate on the surface of solar panels over time, reducing their efficiency. Fortunately, a soft brush or a gentle hose cleaning can eliminate this. 

The electrical components of a solar system, such as wiring, inverters and batteries, must be checked and tested by a trained professional every five years to ensure they function properly. You are also responsible for regularly monitoring your system’s performance and reporting any issues or problems to your installer.

Do solar hot water systems need maintenance? 

Yes, solar hot water systems do require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Dirt, debris and other materials can accumulate on the surface of the solar collectors, impacting their efficiency. They should be cleaned periodically, especially if you live in an area with dust, pollen or other airborne debris. 

The plumbing connections and valves will also need to be regularly checked for leaks, plus the heat transfer fluid, controller, pump and other electrical components will also need to be inspected once every three to five years.

What kind of installations and repairs does The Energy People do?

Here at The Energy People, we provide professional and prompt installation services for air conditioners, heaters, hot water and solar hot water systems. We can also assist with hot water maintenance and repairs to ensure your system works to its full potential. 

Our highly trained and qualified electricians can provide various electrical services, including surge protection, safety switches, light fixtures and more. The Energy People also performs annual maintenance for all gas heaters and gas log fire set-ups.

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