Cooling in Canberra

The Energy People is a leading supplier of cooling in Canberra for residential and commercial properties alike. Our range of cooling systems includes add-on cooling, evaporative cooling, high wall split systems  and ducted air conditioning.

Add-On Cooling

If you own a ducted gas heater, you may want to consider making additional use of its ducts and outlets by installing add-on cooling. This is a fully integrated cooling system that provides filtered and dehumidified air. Because it makes use of existing ducts, add-on cooling is easy to install, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Evaporative Cooling

Energy expenses are constantly on the rise, so it’s no surprise that people are continually on the lookout for cheaper alternatives that are no less effective than traditional cooling systems. One such option is evaporative cooling, which includes a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your property. This option has lower upfront costs, lower running costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions – plus it also offers relief for allergy sufferers.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning consists of an indoor and outdoor unit connected to a series of ducts in the ceiling or under the floor. This option features excellent temperature control and offers users the ability to control which rooms receive air conditioning and which rooms do not. It is also guaranteed to blend seamlessly with your property’s aesthetics as well as add to its value.

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