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Reverse Cycle Split Systems

The Energy People brings together the very best in reverse cycle in Canberra. A reverse cycle unit is able to offer both heating and cooling to provide total, year-round climate control for your home.


Heat or cool your space

There are many different reverse cycle heating and cooling split systems available, but choosing the right one will depend on the age, size, and layout of your home, as well as your budget.

Some benefits of reverse cycle split systems include:

  • Quick and easy to operate thanks to an intuitive remote control
  • Capable of cooling or heating spaces in a timely fashion
  • Cost-effective to install, requiring little modification to the property
  • Inexpensive to maintain thanks to easily removable filters

Single Split Systems

At The Energy People, we stock a range of efficient reverse-cycle air conditioning and heating systems from leading brands. A single split system is perfect for heating and cooling in one room, such as a lounge room or bedroom.

Multi Split Systems

Reverse cycle multi-split systems are best for homes with limited space for ducted heating and cooling and have between two and five rooms.

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