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The Energy People’s highly trained and experienced specialists can supply and install your gas hot water system for your home. To arrange an in-home quote for gas hot water in Canberra, book a quote today.

There are two main product options for gas hot water, including storage tanks and continuous flow instant hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Storage Tanks

With gas hot water storage tanks, you get hot water delivered instantly. Storage tanks are a relatively inexpensive solution for your hot water needs. High energy-efficiency ratings on our gas hot water storage tanks can reduce your energy bills.

Storage tanks are available as outdoor or indoor models, with capacities ranging from 90 litres to 170 litres.

Continuous Flow Instant Gas Hot Water

The continuous flow instant range has the advantage to supply an endless supply of hot water so you won’t run out of hot water while you shower. These are an excellent choice for anyone wanting an energy-efficient hot water solution.

Instant gas hot water systems come with a high efficiency 6+ star energy rating and sizes vary from 16 litres up to 32 litres per minute.

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Buy a gas hot water tank from one of the leading brands such as Rheem, Rinnai, or Vulcan, and we will install it for you.

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