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The people over at Reclaim Energy believe in the goal of a sustainable lifestyle and the potential to live off the grid. Reclaim has over 15 years of experience in designing and supplying some of the most energy-efficient products on the market. Reclaim is passionate about the potential of environmentally-friendly hot water solutions, tailored to the Australian environment. Today, Reclaim’s commitment to innovation and next-generation technology has allowed them to design one of the most energy-efficient and flexible hot water solutions available on the market.

At The Energy People, our team of highly trained experts can supply and install various heat pump and solar hot water systems to help you reduce your energy bills as well as minimise the environmental impact of your home.

Water heating can account for up to 40% of an average home’s energy use. Using a renewable energy source to heat household water is therefore an excellent way to reduce your energy bills as well as minimise the environmental impact of your home.


Reclaim’s hot water system gives you flexible control options with its smart features. The smart controller allows you to control your energy costs and consumption, with multiple options to suit your needs.

The tank has been optimised for Canberra conditions with built-in frost and freeze protection and CO2 refrigerant, which is suited to excel in cold weather conditions.

Reclaim Makes and Models

The Energy People offers a full service for solar hot water systems to Canberra residents, including supply and installation.

Reclaim Hot Water Systems

The Reclaim hot water system is available in 160L, 250L, 315L and 400L in glass lined and stainless steel. The stainless steel tank also comes in tall and squat tank options for sub-floor installs.


Air-Source CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

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For all your hot water needs, you can trust the experts at The Energy People to provide a solution from Reclaim that will significantly enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

Book an in-home consultation with one of our smart energy experts in Canberra. Get the specialist advice you need for your home’s hot water needs.

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You can save even more when you buy a heat pump in Canberra – just ask us about Small Scale Technology Certificates.

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You might be able to get a loan to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Reduce your environmental impact with solar panels, batteries and other products.

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You could save up to 80%* on your hot water bill with a Reclaim heat pump hot water system.

Get $800* off a Reclaim heat pump hot water system.

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