Solar Photovoltaic Servicing

The Energy People have you covered when it comes to solar photovoltaic (PV) servicing and can perform general maintenance and mandatory servicing on your system.

Over time, dust and debris will build up on your solar photovoltaic panels, which may compromise the performance of your energy production.

The Energy People can organise a team of qualified and experienced solar photovoltaic installers to clean and service your system.

They will alert you if there are any faults with your current inverter, isolators or panels, and can arrange the prompt replacement of all parts so that your production of electricity is not compromised.

5-Year Mandatory Anti-Islanding Test

There is a requirement by Evo Energy that your inverter has a mandatory anti-islanding test every 5 years.

The Energy People can provide qualified licensed solar grid technicians to carry out the test and submit the diagnostic reports for your system as required.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 6280 0994 to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified and experienced service technicians.