Small-Scale Technology Certificates

Under the small-scale technology certificates scheme, eligible solar water heaters are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs). This is based on the estimated amount of electricity the system displaces over the course of its lifetime. The number of STCs a particular solar or heat pump hot water system is entitled to create will depend on its installation date and geographic location identified through its postcode.

Each STC point has a variable monetary value assigned to it. This will vary based upon a number of factors including brand, geographical location, and retailer. The more STC points assigned to a system, the greater the discount a solar and heat pump hot water system will attract. Customers have the option to claim the STC discount or elect to pass on the claim to the retailer. At The Energy People, we will offer a point-of-sale discount to the customer and free them from the inconvenience of having to claim the rebate.

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