Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

The Energy People offer the latest solutions in ducted air conditioning to Canberra households. Ducted systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected to a series of ducts, either in your ceiling or under the floor, that distribute warm or cool air to your entire home.

Benefits of a ducted air conditioning system include:

  • Total home cooling—year-round climate control for each room of your house
  • Zoning—you can air condition different rooms/areas separately resulting in more cost-effective cooling
  • Central control—manage each zone with one simple control, including timers
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Temperature consistency—cool air is distributed evenly throughout the home
  • Choice—a wide range of options means there is a system to suit your style
  • Subtle design—the grilles of ducted systems blend seamlessly into the home
  • A wise investment—ducted systems will often add to the value of a property

Shop for Ducted Systems with The Energy People

The Energy People can supply a range of ducted air conditioning systems and offers expert installation of ducted air conditioning in Canberra. We stock ducted systems from leading brands that are known for quality, performance, value for money, and energy-efficiency. Our staff can also offer expert advice on the best system to suit your property, lifestyle, and budget.

Request a quote from our team today by clicking the ‘Request a Quote’ tab and providing the relevant details. Alternatively, you can attend our Fyshwick Showroom to view a range of ducted gas heating systems or contact our team on 6280 0994. Whether you require total climate control for a large property or a simple solution for a small area, we’re able to advise the best system for your individual needs