Dual Cycle Cooling

The Home of Innovative Add-On Cooling in Canberra

The Energy People are a leading supplier of add-on cooling for Canberra homes. This is a fully integrated, refrigerated air conditioning system that provides cooled, filtered, and dehumidified air through the same duct and outlets as your ducted gas heater.

By adding a condensing unit onto your heating system, you are able to use the same duct system for both the heating and cooling of your home. This makes installation easy, as there is no need for new ducts or grilles to be installed.

  • Installation—save time and money with a one-duct system
  • Flexibility—you can add the cooler when you purchase your heater, or at a time that suits you

Find Your New System with The Energy People

The Energy People has a number of advanced options available for add-on cooling in Canberra. We stock high-quality systems from all the industry leaders in air conditioning, with reliable installation services available across the range. We can also provide expert advice on the right cooling option for your individual requirements.

For more information about our add-on cooling systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also drop into our Canberra showroom to discover our range in person.